The Necromancer Chapter 2 Part 2

I ask the question. The witch gives me a long look before she replies with a firm no.

“I’m sorry, but who are you?” The witch asks me.
“Ask her how does she know for sure, I don’t see any computers or anything.” She whines. I didn’t want to insult the woman by questioning her about her job.

“Do I really need to?” I whisper.

“Um what?” The witch questions. “Are you speaking to me or to someone else?”

“Yes, you really need to,” Riyah shouts.

“Are you sure?” I ask the witch.

“Are you talking to me now or…” I sigh.

“Yes, you.”

“Well, yes, yes I’m sure. You can’t see it but inside my ear is a very small device, where we receive hourly detail reports about anyone who has passed in Faeven, I received my list.” She looks at something on her desk. “30 minutes ago, and there were no important fairy dead bodies on it.” I turn to Riyah knowing she heard that. Riyah screams literally screams, I jump from surprise.

“Describe me to her,” Riyah states angrily.

The witch is now looking down at me intensely, flaring her nostrils.

“How did you get up here and what are you, because you definitely do not smell like a human?” The witch asks. I ignore her question.

“The fairy she’s close to my age, skinny like super skinny, she has long hair that appears to be grey but in actuality is silver when the moonlight hit it. She’s also has a heart- shaped face, with wings.” I had to make sure I mention the wings. “Oh and her name is Riyah, well Za’Riyah.”

The witches mouth drops open.

“I think you broke her,” Riyah says sounding genuinely shocked. I would have to agree.

“Cairo!” The witch begins to scream, sounding louder than Riyah, if possible. When this Cairo person doesn’t appear she starts shouting the name like a raving lunatic.

“I thought I was loud, but she has nothing on me.” I nod my head agreeing once again. A door to the right of Riyah flies open, shaking the floor if possible and out walks the most gorgeous man, I think I’ve ever laid eyes in my entire life. His skin is the color of bronze gold, think of gold in it’s purest form and darken it a shade and a half. And he was tall, like 6’5 but not lanky as you would expect, the man had bulging biceps, but not too crazy. You can tell that he’s not obsessed with working out but the man does go to a gym, every now and then. His dark black hair, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man successfully pull that type of hair style off before. He had what seemed to be long individual braided plaits gathered in a man bun, with a colorful ribbon intertwined in one. But his face, my God, his face, was chiseled by God himself. His square face was accented with thick eyebrows, that looked as if they were just arched because no one could have an arch that perfect. His eyes were round and appeared to be honey colored. His nose had a roman shape, and his lips were full, fuller than mines, which was surprising because I have the lips women dream of and pay for, so says my sister anyway. And if the man wasn’t already perfect he had a perfectly manicured goatee.  If I was a fainting type of woman, I would be on the floor.



The Necromancer Chapter 2 Part 1

“Where, when did that fifth-floor button appear? And why did the doors slam shut like that? Are you taking me somewhere to kill me because I swear to God, I’ll make it my life mission to make sure you never cross over, ever.” She chuckles just as the elevator comes to an abrupt stop, squeaks once more, and opens on the fifth floor according to the floor panel.

“Floor 1-4 are for the humans, the fifth floor, and only the fifth floor is our floor, the fae floor.”

“So the fifth floor is for “Fae is the term for my kinds classification, under this category a lot of, “creatures”, I believe that’s what you guys refer to us as, fall under this.” I nod my head in response not understanding but not knowing what else to do. So what other types of fairies are there? I open my mouth, getting ready to ask her that, but when I turn to my left, she’s no longer there. I begin looking around the elevator, thinking that she maybe poofed out, without me hearing.

“Come on Non-Human.” Riyah pokes her head back inside the elevator.  “Let’s go.” I hestitantly step out the elevator not knowing what to expect. My mind immediately focuses on the darkness outside the elevator, and the scary movie I watch yesterday resurfaces in my mind. God, please don’t let anyone jump out, or stab me to death, because that would suck. I look ahead of me and see a pool of light, where a reception desk, and a board middle age woman is reading, what looks to be a magazine.

“This is it, this is the fae police department.” I ask Riyah, who I can’t see anymore.

“Yes.” She replies. I hear the pop noise and know that she is moving down the hallway, not walking but using her ghost abilities. Ghost 101, all ghost possessed the ability to appear and reappear at will, it’s one of the cool things about the afterlife.

I quickly make my way down the hallway, not wanting to take a chance of being stabbed or scared to death. When I made it to the reception desk, my heart is beating rapidly. I have to take a few calming breaths, before I speak. I had to show some courage even though I had absolutely none.

“Ugh a witch,” Riyah says popping in next to me. “We may be here all night.” I look up at said witch. She’s  very stylish, with a short crop hair style, with frosted blonde tips. Her face was round, and she had chubby cheeks, but it totally fit her face. She was also wearing a very sparkly blouse, one I would never be able to pull out, and breast as big as mines. So it doesn’t need to be said, that she looked nothing like a human protryal of a witch. There was no green skin, or large banana noise, or warts.

“Why isn’t she green?” I ask to the right of me where Riyah is at, who is not there. Said witch looks up at me with a bored expression and closes the magazine.

“Please do not tell me you totally buy into that green painted face crap, that you humans totally mistaken for a spa facial.”

“Spa facial?” I ask genuinely confused. She growls.

“Yes, spa facial, one of the dumb dumb humans, some how found his way into our world, learned of witches exstitence, and found one of my conven, wearing a green facial mask.” Wow, is that how the green face really started. Man talk about rumors.

“So what about the-” The sound of someone clearing their throat turns my attention. I look to Riyah who has a peeved expression on her face.

“What?” I ask her but turn my attention back to the witch not wanting her to know, that I can see ghost.

“Could you stop all the small talk and listen to me?” Riyah ask. I nod my head once, the witch looks at me with a strange expression. “Great.” She touches my arm. “I need you to ask if any important fairy dead bodies have been discovered in Faeven database.”

The Necromancer Chapter 1 Part 4

I found myself frowning at the four-story cop building, wondering why I agreed to our little field trip. I could be home cuddled up with my fuzzy blanket, sipping on some hot cocoa.

“Za’Riyah?” I questioned.

“Yes, ” she replies back bubbly.

“Yea, why are we at the cop station at midnight.” She hits her palm in the middle of her forehead.

“I seriously keep forgetting, you think your human, so you don’t know.” I put my hands on my hips waiting to be amazed. She smiles and begins walking inside. Ugh, why oh why did I agree to this, tonight.
She suddenly stops in front of the elevator.

“Please tell me this isn’t the big surprise because it sucks.” She shakes her head, no.

“Push the elevator button, I would but I’m too preoccupied with being dead.” I know your wondering from the many movies shouldn’t she be able to push the button herself? Well, the answer is sort of complicated. So here’s a little Ghost 101.

Ghost, especially the ones who been dead longer have better control with physical objects. The weaker ones can push buttons, knock things over, while the average ghost, one who isn’t weak nor strong, can interfere with electricity and even the climate in a particular room. The stronger ones, the headaches I suggest everyone steer clear from, can body jump, meaning they’ll take over your body, and dump your body into their dead one. I shiver thinking back to that experience.

BUT something that most people don’t know is Ghost operate the same way the living do. Just as we need food, water, the basic necessities to survive, ghost need something along the same lines. They need to frequently return back to the place they were killed in order to recharge. I know it sounds totally bizarre, but it’s true. I met a ghost who was so adamant about not going back to his DP, otherwise known as Death Place, that he disappeared. And when a ghost disappears it’s not a good thing, they don’t get a choice to go to Heaven or Hell. I don’t know what happens for sure, but I assume they are stuck in limbo or maybes some different astral plane.

We step inside the elevator and I wait to be amazed, once more. When it doesn’t happen, I turn to face Za’Riyah.

“Patience non-human. Place your hands on the elevator buttons.” I do exactly as she tells me, getting ready to ghost slap her if she’s playing a practical joke. “Now repeat these words. The leaves in Faeven are always golden in the spring.” I snort.

“You can’t be serious, Riyah.” I glare at her. “I’m not saying that, besides what the hell is a Favon.”

“Faeven.” She enunciates each word slowly.

“Same thing.”

“No it is not, the name is Faeven, and you must pronounce it correctly if you want this to work. I would do it but you know I’m preoccupied with being dead and all.” Ghost loved reminding you that they’re dead. It sucks.


“No, silly non-human.” She giggles.
“Fine, fine.” I clear my throat, remembering the pronunciation she used for the word, and repeat it, exactly as she said it.

The elevator squeaks, and the doors slam shut. I jump and take a step back. As I glance at the buttons again, I see a 5th floor highlighted in gold, that was not there before. I turn to look at Riyah, who’s clapping her hands excitedly.

What have I gotten myself into?

The Necromancer Chapter 1 Part 3

Crap and here goes the ultimatum. You know the usual drill, if you want me to do something for you, then you have to do something for me. Even as a child, I’ve always hated that, and now in my old ripe age of 25, I feel the same.
“So let me guess?” I pretend to do my deep in thought look. She leans in waiting for me to answer I assume. “You want me to help find whoever did this to you and then you’ll take me to that someone who will tell me what I am.
“Oh my fairy God, yes, whoever killed me is totally going down.” I hold up my hand. “Wait, what… why is your hand up?
“Whoever said I was agreeing to any.” I circle us both. “of this, maybe I like being human. Maybe I like smelling of sweat and dirt.” She swats my deceleration away.

“As if.”

“Well I do, and newsflash honey I don’t know you.” I know you’re probably wondering what do you have to fear from a ghost. Everything. There is a reason why people weren’t meant to see them
She invades my personal space once again, and grip my shoulders tightly. I keep my face nonchalant not wanting to let her know she is now hurting me. I’ve learned to never give ghost or anyone the upper advantage.
“I will hunt you for the rest of your non-pathetic human life, I will make your life miserable.” I slowly and roughly remove her hands from my shoulders.
“You can try.” I knew of other ghost who are far scarier and creepier than her, that owed me favors. Have you ever seen ghost fight? It is definitely a sight to see.
Now done with the conversation, I get out the car leaving her inside of it, with a blank like expression. As soon as I slam the door. I hear the pop sound once more. I turn and she’s directly in front of me
“I… um … apologize.” She says quietly. I put my hand on my hip, not believing her. “I’m so serious.” She looks down. “Listen I have no clue what it’s like to be human.” She snorts on the human part. “However, I do know how it feels to not feel accepted.” She gently grips my face. I was starting to realize she was a very touchy-feely ghost
However, she did have a point. All of my life, I had to pretend to be normal, when in reality I wasn’t. Did I really want to continue pretending for the rest of my hopefully long life.

“But if you like being one of them then –

“I’m in.”
Za’Riyah squeals and begins jumping up and down
“Great, so are you up for a little field trip tonight.” She asks.

The Necromancer Chapter 1 Part 2

“So what are you?” I ask now fascinated. I reach out a hand to touch her wings. But she swats my hand away, then shakes her head in a mocking fashion, her wings then vanish.

“We only allow our significant others, as you humans refer to them, to physically touch our wings.” I nod my head understanding. “Wow! You are handling this well. I remember the last human I showed my true form too, he ended up in the crazy house, I believe that’s what you guys refer to it as.” I nod my head again, not really knowing how to reply to that.

“Za’Riyah, what are you?” I ask her.

“Isn’t it obvious?” She asks. I sigh now becoming irritated.

“I’m a fairy.”

“Fairy,” I say the word out loud, thinking that will help me come to terms with what she is. “Where do you stay. You can’t live here in the human world.” She chuckles. “I would remember seeing one of you guys out and about. Do you live on another planet?”

“Aww there it goes, the insanity, you might end up in that same place with that guy.”

“I’m not going crazy, I just talk a lot when I’m nervous.” I trail off.

“Well not human girl, I’m a fairy.” I open my mouth to ask her another question. “I’m not done speaking yet.” She clears her throat and I refrain myself from sighing. I could tell her personality was over the top and I prayed that I didn’t have to put up with her for much longer, although I had a feeling, I would be stuck with her for a long time.

“No, we don’t live on another planet, that ridiculous. We live in another dimension, and yes there are others.” A million questions ran through my mind, but one question stood at the top.

“You said I’m not human. How do you know? If I’m not human, then what am I?” She flicks her hair away from her shoulder.

“Your smell, humans smell like sweat and dirt.” I stop the urge to smell myself to confirm if we do indeed smell like sweat and dirt. “You do not smell like them.” She cringes when she says them, like we, well them, us, I don’t know if I was still in the human category or not. But she cringes like we disgust her. “You smell from my world, like sun and rain.” This time I do smell myself and the only thing I smell is my perfume.

“So what am I?” She shrugs her shoulders.

“As if I know.” I give her a thanks for nothing look. “Look I only know if someone is or not human, I can’t tell what subspecies you are. But I know someone who can do that sort of thing.”

The Necromancer Chapter Part 1

She suddenly vanishes from the fountain. Here we go again. A loud pop echoes in my car. The ghost reappears in the passenger seat next to me. I sigh.

“Oh my Fairy God, you can see me.” I continue driving, glancing in my rearview mirrors as any good driver would. “Hello human, I know you hear me.” I continue driving ignoring her. “Hello!” She screams loudly.

“Yes, I can hear you. So can you stop the dramatics, please.” She crosses her arms over her insanely large bust and gives me a smirk. “What do you want?”

“Well, I want to figure out how I became, well you know.” I glance at her quickly, she’s gesturing at herself. “But wait how can you see me?”

“Call it a gift,” I tell her. “Or a curse,” I whisper. “But I’ve always been able to see you guys even as a child.” I turn too look at her and find myself nose to nose with her. I scream.

I know you guys think, how can you see and touch the ghost. I have no freaking clue. To me, they were very much alive, which makes no sense because well technically there dead.

The car swerves, and I let out another scream.

“Why are you so close to me?!” I yell. She lets out a huff and sits back in her seat.

“I wanted to smell you.” After parking in front of my apartment, I give her my full undivided attention. I study her for a second.

“Name, what is it?”


“Yes, Riyah.” She shakes her head hard.

“No, Za’Riyah.” I smile.

“Za’Riyah, why were you smelling me.”

“To see if your human silly, and you’re definitely not.”

I hold up my hand to stop her from speaking.

“You keep saying human, as if there are other types of species on this planet when there’s not.” If anybody would know if there were more species in the world, It would be me. Why? Because I could talk to ghost and they see EVERYTHING.

“Oh crap I forgot, I’m in my human appearance.” She chuckles. I get ready to open my mouth to question her about her sanity, when wings, small dainty but beautiful light purple butterfly wings emerge from her back, I guess.

As I sit there stunned into silence, I notice the wings have some sort of unrecognizable symbol or shape running horizontally across each wing. Oh, and the wings were sprinkled with a small amount silver glitter. I wonder if she left a trail of glitter each time she moved. As I looked down at my seats

The Necromancer Prelude

“When will you get a man?” I mimic my aunts’ voice

“It’s not good for someone your age to be so unattached.” I mimic my grandmas’ voice.

I groan loudly and embarrassingly. I hate family dinner or as I call them, couples dinner, where I’m the only single person. Hell, even the teens have significant others. It’s not that I hated men. I didn’t. I also didn’t have a problem attracting men. Because I’d like to think of myself as one hot little mama. Well scratch the mama part, maybe a hot little chick, or um lady. You know what, just scratch the hot little mama part from your brain. Just know that I’m a good looking woman, that most men would find attractive. My problem with man came from a personal problem. And no I’m not talking about acne, my slight problem of OCD, or even my ability to shut the hell up when I find myself nervous or afraid. My problem was far, far worse, then all of that combine.

I give my full undivided attention to the stop light that suddenly turns red and immediately stomp on my breaks. Lord knows I don’t need another ticket. As I glance out my front window, I notice a woman, about my age but skinner, way skinner. Like the skinny I’ve always wanted to be but never could because of my hips and thighs. She spinning around in the fountain, smiling and talking to herself. I look at the few people walking by the fountain and notice there all oblivious to her, which means one thing and one thing only. The woman suddenly stops and locks eyes with me. Crap. She begins to yell. Even though my windows were up, I could read her lips. She wanted to know if I could see her. Yes, she’s dead and if you haven’t figured it out by now, I can see ghost.

My Sister’s Keeper

The girl who wore the black hood stood outside the teen club. She glances at her watch. The vamp was suppose to be out thirty minutes ago. What was taking him so long? If she wasn’t in this ridiculous get-up she would go inside the club and drag him out. However, vamps love a girl in a black hood and she needs this vamp to like her, or at least approach her.
She looks up as the sound of music fills the alleyway. There was her guy, well vamp. He blew a couple of kisses at a few teens who stood outside the club begging to be let in and they giggle.
She sighs, of course, the guy had to be a playboy. She watches as he runs his fingers through his long white blond hair and takes off his jacket. She could see his build easily now and with his lanky appearance, she wasn’t surprised he was built like a fit basketball player. Although she knew he never ever played a game of

She could easily see his build now and wasn’t surprised he was built like a fit basketball player. Although she knew he never ever played a game of basketball in his life. All Vamps were built like this.
She watches him as he crosses the street and makes his way toward his car, a 2018 Lexus. She notices the smirk on his face, when he noticed her waiting for him.
“I typically don’t speak to witches.” The vamp said. “But I will make an exception for you.”
“How generous of you?” She replied.
“I am a very generous person,” he said and gave her a look. She rolled her eyes reach into her pocket and pulled out a bracelet. Before he had time to question or identify it, she snapped it on his wrist.
“What the heck did you just do?” He growled and showed his fangs.
“It’s a spelled bracelet, you just became my prisoner.” She watches as he tries to take it off but can’t. He releases a slew of cursing words.
“I’ll release you after you help me solve this case.”
“What case man?” He questioned.
“My sister is missing and I know a vampire took her.” She told him. He sighed.
“What does that have to do with me?”
“Your brother took her.” He kicks at his car, putting a huge dent in it

The Prophetess 

Here is the unedited excerpt from my upcoming novel The Prophetess: 
I walk outside my office and stand against the wall in the hallway. Talia was speaking to the angel scum, telling him about my dislike for his kind. I make a mental note to fire her ass tomorrow. I quickly and quietly make my way back to the office. Since Ezekiel, I believe that was his name, was busy, I was going to make my escape.

 I begin shoving all my shit in my bag. I do a once over to make sure I have everything and prepare myself to leave until I hear my phone buzzing. Crap. I try to dig my phone out my bag but can’t. I throw it on the ground, and get on my knees, looking through it. Fuck. Where was it? I did not have the time to do this right now. Talia would run out of stuff to say to the angel any second now, and he would probably barge his way back here. 

I flip my purse over, emptying its contents on the floor and find no phone, but an old crumpled condom wrapper. When I needed that two years ago, I couldn’t find it. Oh, the irony. I kick it across the room. I frantically start to search the room for my phone and find it on my desk. Yes! I grab it, check the caller ID, one missed call from mom. I’ll speak to her after I make my escape. I quickly scoop the contents on the floor in my bag. 

I swing the bag over my shoulder, cut the light off, close the door, and tiptoe out the back entrance. 

I’m celebrating as I notice my car down the street, a couple more steps, and I’ll be gone. I refrain myself from doing a victory dance. 

“I had a feeling you would do this,” Crap I was so close. I continue walking. “I know you can hear me, woman.” Woman? Was he serious, I knew he knows my name. God, sent him to me. 

“My name is Isabelle, fucktard.” I continue walking but stop when I feel an iron like grip on my arm. “I will pepper spray you.”

“You can but it won’t do you any good,” He keeps his hold on my arm and walks in front of me. I look to the left, to the right, at the ant on the floor, everywhere but at him. “Listen I’ve been waiting to speak with you all day, you will hear me out.” You would think he would release his hold on me, but he doesn’t. “Can you look at me when I’m speaking to you?” 

“Sorry, my eyes do not look at fucktards who leave bruises on women’s arm,” He makes a noise then release me. I back up giving us some space and lean against the wall. I look up at him, not really looking at him but through him. “Listen I know why you’re here-”


“I’m the prophet. I know you want me to stop the uprising of the demon named Moloch, and I am working on that. So go back to Heaven and tell God, that it’s fucking handle.”

“We are suppose to work together,” I smack my lips.

“No, wrong prophet Angel. Go ahead and-”

“You. Do. Not. Understand.,” He says. “We are supposed to work together if we-”

“If it isn’t the prophet,” I turn my attention behind me and see a vampire. Great because my night didn’t suck enough. I watch him as he staggers toward me. Of course, he couldn’t be sober at the moment, that would have been too easy. “You remember me.” He slurs. “U told me I’d had to pay double for you to help find my girl,” I remember him, and it was nothing personal to him. Although the vampires I dealt with in the past were very volatile, so I made sure to charge double than what I usually did.

“I’m sorry but I don’t know what you’re speaking about,” I tell him.


“Listen vampire,” Ezekiel says. “I was here first and I waited all day to speak to her, so you will wait.” He turns to glare at him. “Quietly.”

“Is she your bitch?” He asks Ezekiel.

“Excuse me?!” I question. What type of misogynistic question was that?

One Percent Part 2

Part 2
I continue looking at him as he finally takes off his drawers and is now butt naked.
“For some odd reason, you are not as mad as I expected you to be. Why?” Kairo ask.
I shrug my shoulders, pretending not to know when I did. I already knew Jayden was cheating on me, anyone with eyes could see that. Hell, we were both cheating.
“Is this common for humans, to be unfaithful to one another? That cannot be healthy mentally or physically.” I pretend to ignore him, so he pinches me, actually, pinches me. “It would do you well to answer me human,” Kairo says. Or what, I say to myself. He narrows his eyes at me. I narrow my eyes in response. I was not going to back down, not now. He’s been treating me like crap, for two weeks now. I would not continue to be treated like this, darn it. So we stare each other down. We stare at each other for what felt like forever but was only a couple of minutes.

I feel my eyes begin to water and suddenly my right eye starts to itch. The pressure becomes too much, and I give in.
“Crap,” I scream, and he smirks.
“So do tell me why you do not care about the coward cheating on you,” Kairo ask.
“Well because he’s not the one I’m supposed to be with,” I tell him.
“What?” I look up to Kairo; he has a confused expression on his face. Ha, I finally know something he doesn’t. Now it’s my turn to laugh.
“So I went to a psychic, and she told me, that he was not my soul mate.” I look at Kairo again, who gives me a continue expression. “She said my soul mate would reveal himself in 2017.”
“Humans masquerading to be something there not.” I scoff.
“It’s true; the psychic predicted my best friend losing her mother and predicted my other friend having a baby.”
“Humans. Do. Not. Possess. The. Ability. To. Foresee. Anything.” He stresses. “Period.”
“Yes we do, and she’s never been wrong,” I reply.
“Just because she has never been inaccurate does not make her a psychic, it just means she’s very observant and very lucky.” I shake my head. He had no clue. I bet if the psychic were mixed with Elf, he would believe it more.
“I definitely would not. Elves do not possess the ability to do something so weak.” I laugh.
“Sounds like someone is jealous because their race cannot foresee the future.”
“Jealous, jealous? I do not care one way or another.” He turns, looks away then glances back at me. “Fortunetellers or weak, useless and ignorant to the world around them.” Well dang someone was a little butt hurt. He glares at me but quickly turns his attention. I open my mouth to antagonize him more but shut it close when I hear screaming. We turn our attention to the house in the middle of the forest. I see Jayden butt naked running away from the house screaming, help.