Part 2
I continue looking at him as he finally takes off his drawers and is now butt naked.
“For some odd reason, you are not as mad as I expected you to be. Why?” Kairo ask.
I shrug my shoulders, pretending not to know when I did. I already knew Jayden was cheating on me, anyone with eyes could see that. Hell, we were both cheating.
“Is this common for humans, to be unfaithful to one another? That cannot be healthy mentally or physically.” I pretend to ignore him, so he pinches me, actually, pinches me. “It would do you well to answer me human,” Kairo says. Or what, I say to myself. He narrows his eyes at me. I narrow my eyes in response. I was not going to back down, not now. He’s been treating me like crap, for two weeks now. I would not continue to be treated like this, darn it. So we stare each other down. We stare at each other for what felt like forever but was only a couple of minutes.

I feel my eyes begin to water and suddenly my right eye starts to itch. The pressure becomes too much, and I give in.
“Crap,” I scream, and he smirks.
“So do tell me why you do not care about the coward cheating on you,” Kairo ask.
“Well because he’s not the one I’m supposed to be with,” I tell him.
“What?” I look up to Kairo; he has a confused expression on his face. Ha, I finally know something he doesn’t. Now it’s my turn to laugh.
“So I went to a psychic, and she told me, that he was not my soul mate.” I look at Kairo again, who gives me a continue expression. “She said my soul mate would reveal himself in 2017.”
“Humans masquerading to be something there not.” I scoff.
“It’s true; the psychic predicted my best friend losing her mother and predicted my other friend having a baby.”
“Humans. Do. Not. Possess. The. Ability. To. Foresee. Anything.” He stresses. “Period.”
“Yes we do, and she’s never been wrong,” I reply.
“Just because she has never been inaccurate does not make her a psychic, it just means she’s very observant and very lucky.” I shake my head. He had no clue. I bet if the psychic were mixed with Elf, he would believe it more.
“I definitely would not. Elves do not possess the ability to do something so weak.” I laugh.
“Sounds like someone is jealous because their race cannot foresee the future.”
“Jealous, jealous? I do not care one way or another.” He turns, looks away then glances back at me. “Fortunetellers or weak, useless and ignorant to the world around them.” Well dang someone was a little butt hurt. He glares at me but quickly turns his attention. I open my mouth to antagonize him more but shut it close when I hear screaming. We turn our attention to the house in the middle of the forest. I see Jayden butt naked running away from the house screaming, help.